If you have any questions about becoming a referee , please get in touch with  - Referee Development Officer Russell Jones

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Central Football would like to invite all new and returning match officials to register for the 2024 season. Click HERE to register.



To encourage and incentivise existing playing members to undergo referee education and attain experience in refereeing community matches, whilst remaining registered players.


Across the Central Football Federation, the current referee population requires a constant injection of match officials who have experienced football in a community environment and therefore understand the nature of the community-level game.

By both providing an opportunity for players to significantly reduce their playing costs and by removing barriers to becoming a referee, we aim to encourage current players to be involved in the game in an additional role and therefore improve coverage of matches with an accredited match official.


· The participant receives online and in-person training to become a fully accredited Level 1 official

· The participant receives a whistle, cards and suitable referee apparel

· Once a month the participant receives appropriate match fee reimbursements for games they have officiated. This is paid into their bank around the 20th of the month following the match.

· Once the participant completes 10 matches as a referee, they simply send proof of their Playing Fee payment to Central Football and they will then receive a 50% reimbursement of these fees

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NZF Learn is an online learning platform that will be the home for Coach and Referee Education for football in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It provides online modules for coaches and referees that can be completed from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to learn about key concepts before bringing the learning to life on the field or court.​​​​​​​

Learn more and get started by registering for a course below.

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For referees in New Zealand there is a clear pathway to help you achieve your goals while contributing to the success and enjoyment of players, coaches and fans along the way.

The starting point for our men and women in the middle is at the grassroots where a Level One Referees Course will equip you to officiate youth and local senior football. This, like a number of the referee courses can be taken online in the comfort of your own room or at a central venue.  Soon there will also be specific courses for junior level referees, covering the special skills and requirements of controlling junior football games.

A competency assessment on a game(s) forms the Level 2 acccreditation.From there, the Level Three Course will open the door to top federation and inter-federation leagues and in some national competitions like the ASB Youth League.Level 4 accreditation is, like Level 2, gained following a performance competency evaluation.

The Level Five Certificate will not only arm you with the skills and knowledge to step up to the ASB Premiership and ASB Women’s League but can also unlock a world of international opportunities with exceptional referees who achieve their FIFA badge assigned to international fixtures throughout Oceania.After that, the world awaits, with FIFA tournaments including FIFA World Cups and Olympic games on offer for top officials.

Alongside the referee pathway, a similar road exists for assessors, who can impart their knowledge and experience to those at lower levels, either once they themselves have finished active refereeing or as they progress along the pathway. Instructors, assistant referees and Futsal referees all have clear, transparent pathways similar to referees and assessors.

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